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May 20, 2013
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(A/N) first reader x character fanfic... i'm sure it will suck.. but even so, enjoy.


 (h/c) = hair color

(l/n) = last name

(s/c) = skin color




(Your name) walked down the hallway of the Sky army's base. you were trying to find sky, But instead you found some butter, even though the color looked a little off, you decided to pick it up and take a bite. "this butter tastes weird...". but you continued eating it.

-time skip of buddery goodness XD-


You were hanging with your three best friends Mikey, Alice, and Sammy.

"Hey, (your name)? you alright? you look kinda pale..." Mikey said.

"Y-yeah, i'm all right... just... kinda light headed..." (your name) said, then you started to black out and the last thing you saw before you blacked out was Sky running to you....


(Skys pov)


One of my Sky army recruits, (your name), my crush, had just passed out in front of me. As i ran to her, she appeared to be poisened...

"(Your name)?! get her to the infirmary!" I said but another recruit came up and had the nerve to ask,

"But sir, she's just one recruit. why are you so worrie-" I slapped him. I couldnt controle myself, it just... happened...

"get (your name) to the infermary. NOW." As her two friends, Mikey and Alice came and picked (your name) up, the recruit that I slapped came up to me.

"s-sir, did i sa-" I didn't let him finish.

"get out. NOW!" I screamed at him, and as he ran out of the Sky army's base, I ran to where (your name) was taken. I just hope she's going to be okay...


(your pov)


As I woke up, I heard soft sobs coming from next to me. I looked over and saw my leader, Sky, sobbing quietly asking me to wake up.

"S-sir, what are you doing here?" You said in a weak voice. and Sky looked up and smiled as bright as he does when he finds butter just randomly.

"(Your name)! You're awake!" then Sky does something you never thought he would do. He hugged you.


(Sky's pov)


After I let go of (your name) I realized i had just hugged her. A light pink covered my face and I looked down to try and keep her from seeing.after the blush left my cheeks, I looked up at (your name).

"How are you feeling (your name)?"

"G-good... my head still hurts a little but, besides that, i'm fine..." She said and looked down. "Sir,"

"Please, just call me Sky (your name)."

"O-okay, Sky, h-have any SQUIDS gotten into the base lately?" She asked. I thought for a moment then I remembered that yesterday a squid had gotten in and when he was found, he was placing something down on the ground. But the recruit had slaughtered the squid and said he picked up what he placed down and told me it was a squid egg...

"Yes, one got in yesterday. he was killed and whatever he was placing on the ground, was said to be picked up and thrown away. why do you ask?"

"Because, I ate a peice of weird looking butter and then this happened... I think we might have a traitor in the base Sky..."

Sky didn't know what to think about hearing that.

Sky hasn't responded for a good 3 minutes, so you shook Sky's shoulder hoping to snap Sky out of the daze he was in.

"Uh... Sky?" No response.

"Sky?" Nothing.

"SKY!" Finally he snapped out of it.

"Huh? What? Where?"

"you kind of spaced out Sky..."

Sky rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, sorry.."


-time skip~!-


Sky had gathered up all of the recruits and is questioning them one by one. While you sat back at the infirmary with a very high fever, and you couldn't eat any thing without puking it back up. Your (h/c) had dulled in color, and your (s/c) is paler than before.

As a nurse came in to check in on you, you started coughing up blood.

"AH! Miss. (l/n)!" The nurse ran up to you and tried to help stop the coughing.

"I...I think I-I'm okay  now..." But sadly, you weren't okay, not in the least. For all you knew, you could be dying.

"Are you sure Miss. (l/n)?" You nodded and the nurse left without saying another word.



To be continued

here's the first chapter, please tell me If you want me to wright more :D

part one: YOU BE HERE MOFOES! :iconmegustadanceplz:

part two: [link]
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